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Marangu Route

Marangu route, also known as the Coca-Cola route, is the original trail used by climbers aiming to reach the summit. It's often promoted as the 'easy' route and that may be true of the hiking days until you reach Kibo huts you still then have the tough slog up to the summit. It's still a popular route today so can be busy and it's the only route with dormitory hut accommodation. The trail is used for both the ascent and descent so you see just the south eastern area of Kilimanjaro. This route is often climbed in just 5 days which is probably why it also has the lowest success rate. We recommend climbing this route over 6 days  allowing for more acclimatisation time. 

altitude  1800m - 2700m
distance  8km
time (approx.) 3-4 hours

After registering at the Kilimanjaro National Park gate you'll take your first step toward your goal - the roof of Africa. You'll be hiking through the montane forest, a lush, biodiverse zone, and home to the endemic flower Impatiens Kilimajari. Keep an eye out for blue and colobus monkeys and listen to the birdsong, the avifauna here is prolific. You may even catch a glimpse of Hartlaub's Turaco, a stunning brightly coloured resident. After reaching Mandara Hut you could take a walk over to the Maundi crater or just relax and enjoy the scenery.

altitude  2700m - 3700m
distance  12.5km
time (approx.) 6 hours

Today your hike will take you out of the forest and into the heathland where giant heathers grow, and as you climb higher, into the moorland. Here you'll see two of the most unusual plants on Kilimanjaro, the  fairy-tale like giant groundsel and the giant lobelias. You'll also have your first views of the peaks, Mawenzi and Kibo, that's the really big one that you'll be scaling in a few days.

altitude  3700m - 3700m
distance  km
time (approx.) 5 hours

No need to pack you bags today as you'll stay a second night at Horombo. Your guide will take you on an acclimatisation walk to Zebra rocks and the base of Mawenzi peak where you'll have glorious views of Kibo looming over the saddle. The rest of the day be spent with some probably welcome R and R.

altitude  3700m - 4700m
distance  10km
time (approx.) 6 hours

Today you'll trek up into the barren high altitude desert, crossing the boulder strewn saddle that connects Kibo and Mawenzi. You may be lucky and see a buzzard or even a lammergeyer soaring on the thermals above. After reaching the camp the rest of the day is devoted to preparing for your summit bid - preparing your kit, eating and resting. 

altitude  4700m - 5895m - 3700m
distance  20km
time (approx.) 7-9 hours ascent 6 hours descent

This is it, it's the time to start the final ascent to Uhuru Peak ! It's a very, very early start, ok, you'll begin your climb just after midnight. crunching your way up the scree slopes of Kibo. It's a punishing slog but worth all the pain and effort once the, possibly most amazing, sunrise you'll ever see appears on the horizon behind Mawenzi. You'll probably be around Gilman's Point (5685m) at this time so it's time for a much needed breather before walking around the top of the crater rim, passing Stella Point and finally reaching Uhuru. Take some time to enjoy the views of the crater and glaciers then you'll retrace  your steps back to Kibo for breakfast and a rest. You'll then descend back down to Horombo hut which will feel oxygen rich after the summit and a long nights sleep.

altitude  3700m - 1800m
distance  18km
time (approx.) 6 hours

Your last day on the hill. After breakfast and thanking your crew its time to head back down to the forest stopping for lunch at Mandara Hut and then on to Marangu gate. Your guide will arrange your certificates and our driver will meet you to whisk you off to your hotel for a long hot shower and a celebration.

Prices  (quoted per person in USD)
1 participant $2275        2 participants $1825          3 participants $1770
4 participants $1720        5 participants $1680         6 participants $1660
7+ participants $1625
Price includes:
2 nights accommodation in Moshi (B&B plan double occupancy) 
airport pickup and drop off (Kilimanjaro International Airport - JRO)
camping equipment - tents, tables, chairs, utensils, etc.
park fees and taxes
meals while on the mountain
transportation from your hotel to/from the park gate
english speaking guide, cook, porters (other languages upon request)
purified drinking water while on the mountain
private toilet tent (private for your group)
oxygen cylinders (for emergency use only

Not Included:
Tourist Visa
Meals while not on the mountain 
sleeping bag and items listed in the packing list (see before you climb page)
Travel/Medical Insurance (highly recommended)


If you've booked a safari, beach holiday or day trip with us you'll have your confirmed onward  travel details from us before starting your climb.