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Safari and beach...

Get up close and personal with Africa's Big Five. Join us for your safari of a lifetime or set yourself your personal challenge and climb the great Kilimanjaro; you know you've always wanted to! Why not now?

We have set competitive prices for all your journeys, from tented camps to luxury villas, see the wildlife with confort and convenience. Now that we are free to travel*, now is also the time to book. Set yourself a reward for making it through the last two difficult years.

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To the Bush...

Experience the wonders of the African bush. The TinTin Adventure starts here. TinTin Adventure Safaris & Treks will create for you a tailor-made safari. Whether you're planning a shorter journey to add to your Kilimanjaro climb or a once in a lifetime safari extravaganza you'll have experts looking after you all the way.

To the Beach... Aaahh! Zanzibar

You can enhance your Kilimanjaro or safari experience with some chill time on one or more of the stunning beaches along the East African coast. From Pangani in the north to Zanzibar and beyond in the south, Tanzania is blessed with fabulous palm fringed, squeaky white sand beaches set in a tropical paradise. With your TinTin adventure discover abundant marine life while scuba diving, snorkelling or swimming with dolphins. All this and a relaxing sundowner on the beach at the end of the day!

Climbing Kili...

Kili is the highest mountain you can climb unaided. At 5895m (19341 ft - only 10,000 ft less than Everest!) climbing Kilimanjaro is on the wish list for many trekkers. Ascending from the tropical lowlands to the arctic zone at the summit, you’ll face a tough but achievable challenge. Finally standing amongst the equatorial glaciers you’ll literally be on top of the world. Many say it's the greatest experience of their lives!

Take on the Kilimanjaro challenge! Contact us for more information. Read on to find out all you need to know for a successful climb...TinTin Adventure Safaris & Treks will guide you all the way. You may also consider joining a group already climbing. Find out more here.

Try one about safaris...

With almost one third of the country gazetted as protected areas, Tanzania offers some of the best safari experiences in Africa. The most easily accessed parks and reserves are in the North spanning the rift valley and far beyond. The endless grass plains of the vast Serengeti, the smoldering volcano Ol Doinyo Lengai, the giant baobab tress of Tarangire, the landscape itself will take your breath away.


Home to the mind-bogglingly vast migration, which annually sweeps through the Serengeti ecosystem in a broadly circular, more or less continual journey. The most exciting times to see the migration is December – February when, typically, the herds take up temporary residence on the short grass plains to calve and July - October in Kogatende where the herds en mass cross the dangerous Mara River.

The name Serengeti comes from the Maasai word Siringet which translates roughly as never-ending plains. This enormous national park is about the size of Wales, so we divide it into sub sections. The main ones are: Seronera in the centre, Lobo and Kogatene in the north and the western corridor.